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  •   The Original Henna Conditioner by LNS Skincare || Organic henna hair conditioner is easy to use and leaves the hair moisturized and shiny with each and every use. Give your hair the love it deserves without leaving your tresses greasy or weighed down. Great for all hair types. Hydrates the hair shaft and calms the frizz utilizing natural oils and butters for silky hair. Lessens breakage and strengthens hair for longer locks. Helps seal in shine and thicken hair.

    This is the original henna conditioner recipe created by Elizabeth Kendall.

    🌱Certified Organic Henna with Certified Organic Herbs create the different shades. Darker shades also contain organic indigo and lighter shades also contain organic chamomile.

    This formula smooths hair, enhances waves and curl and leaves the hair tangle free. Imparts shine. Adds shine and boosts color with every use. Darker hair will get lighter results. Safe for colored hair. Contains no metallic dyes. 100% Plant Derived.

    My henna hair conditioner is a low PH product that helps 'stain' and seal the hair. On coarse hair it will fade over time when use is discontinued but if your hair is very fine or light colored it may stain permanently.

    SMALL SIZE: 4oz In A Fully Recyclable PETE Jar

    ♥100% Certified Organic Henna
    ♥Nut Free-if requested
    ♥Soy Free
    ♥Corn Free
    ♥Wheat Free

    ✨Original formula contains Argon Oil and can be removed for a Nut Free formula.

    Red-Organic Henna with Aloe
    Wine Red(with Organic Hibiscus)
    Light Brown(w/Organic Chamomile)
    Medium Brown(Contains Some Organic Indigo)
    Dark Brown(With Organic Indigo)
    Black(Contains Organic Indigo and Amala)

    Other Certified Organic Herbs used: Eucalyptus, Aloe, Ziziphus, Turmeric, and Hibiscus.

    ~Super Concentrated Formula
    ~A Little Goes A Long Ways~

    🌱Cassia Obovata is now in all shades to maximize shine.

    Directions: Apply as regular, deep conditioner. Rinse out. Can be used as a leave in conditioner for more color and shine.


    Fragrances and Essential Oils are listed in the drop down menu. Do contact me if you have any questions.